Os 10 dispositivos mais porreiros a correr GNU/Linux….e existe um bem especial…and BIG!!!

Desde telefones, routers, a player’s passando por carros e pelo gigante LHC…Large Hadron Collider

10 Coolest Devices Running Linux (Updated!) « Lists

10 Coolest Devices Running Linux (Updated!)

Posted by Fibonacci on August 10, 2008

As you all probably know Linux is not limited to just desktops. It’s far reaching, actually. Not that you’d have a Terminal app on it or anything, but you could. Some of you may have a mobile phone running Linux and you probably don’t even know it. The most popular phone in the world runs Unix. That’s right. The iPhone runs on Unix. Are there any other cool devices out there running on Linux or Unix? Of course there are:

Evolution of Internet powers massive particle physics grid – Network World

Brookhaven has about 1,200 multicore x86 servers dedicated to the LHC, along with disk and tape storage that holds seven petabytes of data. Ernst says Brookhaven will have to scale that storage up significantly by 2012, when he expects to be storing 13 petabytes of Large Hadron Collider data.

Worldwide, the LHC computing grid will be comprised of about 20,000 servers, primarily running the Linux operating system. Scientists at Tier-2 sites can access these servers remotely when running complex experiments based on LHC data, Pordes says. If scientists need a million CPU hours to run an experiment overnight, the distributed nature of the grid allows them to access that computing power from any part of the worldwide network, she says.

Apache, Mono e GNOME…a micro$oft a atacar o Software Livre em três frentes…

Acabo de ler a entrada do blog do Alcides Fonseca sobre o Apache e a micro$oft, após isso aproveitei para ler o artigo que Bruce Perens, o criador da OSD e antigo manda-chuva da grande distro Debian, foi também ele que criou/incentivou o Debian Social Contract .

Aqui ficam os links para não nos esquecer-mos do que por aí vem, a micro$oft está em alta no seu ataque ao FLOSS, a sua política de sempre dos 3E está aí para ficar e em força.

Coloco aqui alguns links sobre estas temáticas, alguns são entradas minhas que contém elas links para outros artigos importantes:



Alguns links que mostram a Armadilha que o m$-Mono é para o Software Livre

O Fan Boy da micro$oft, Miguel de Icaza, agora quer um GNOME 4.0 escrito em .NET….ai GNOME, GNOME…diz-me com quem andas…

Midori? não creio que a micro$oft possa vir a usar esse nome…e o Software Livre já tem o Ulteo…AGORA!

Site português da Expo2008 e mais um Imposto Micro$oft – Raios os Partam, estou farto destes vendidos!!!

Mais algumas aldrabices de Bill Gates e companhia

Richard Stallman Saw Microsoft’s Plans Against GNU/Linux Back in 2004

Free/Libre and Open Source Software:

Survey and Study

Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS, FLOSS, or FOSS)? Look at the Numbers!

Is Microsoft trying to kill Apache?

Perhaps the good folk at Apache know what they’re doing and can handle Microsoft. Perhaps not. The precautionary principle has damaged the practice of science in the area of public policy but for once I agree with its caution. The Recidivists of Microsoft should not be given the indefinite benefit of the doubt. Such misplaced generosity will simply invite it to pick off the Lamp stack one component at a time. Microsoft certainly “get it”. Do Apache?

Bruce Perens: Microsoft and Apache – What’s the Angle?

Now they just want to interoperate, right?

Wrong. You wouldn’t have to look too far to convince yourself that Microsoft still engages in hard-edged fighting against open source. The Office Open XML standard has recently been pushed through ISO with so many irregularities in process that four nations complained. There already was an ISO-accredited office document standard called OpenDocument, created by the OpenOffice team. It was one-tenth the size of Microsoft’s effort, and did the same work. But it would have put Microsoft and open source on an equal footing. Office Open XML, in contrast, is 6,000 pages long, so large that it’s not possible for a programmer to learn it in his or her useful lifetime. That’ll keep the open source folks from ever handling files quite the same way that Microsoft does.

Bruce Perens: Microsoft and Apache – What’s the Angle?

But Microsoft can still influence how things go from here on. If they have to live with open source, the Apache project is Microsoft’s preferred direction. Apache doesn’t use the dreaded GPL and its enforced sharing of source-code. Instead, the Apache license is practically a no-strings gift, with a weak provision against patent lawsuits as its most relevant term. Microsoft can take Apache software and embrace and enhance, providing their own versions of the project’s software with engineered incompatibility and no available source, just as they forced incompatibility into the Web by installing IE with every Windows upgrade.

Bruce Perens: Microsoft and Apache – What’s the Angle?

Microsoft’s proprietary software paradigm focuses on the sales of software instead of the much larger economic value of using software. Discarding rules of property was known to be inefficient, but nobody realized, until computer collaboration became possible, that relaxing some of the rules of property could make such a collaboration work very efficiently. Open source repairs the economic breakage of proprietary software by making the users into the developers and collectively the owners.

Ubuntu distribui Alfresco…basta um apt-get install :)

A distribuição da Canonical, a Ubuntu e seus derivados, em parceria com a Alfresco, software de gestão de conteúdos, ECM, vai distribuir directamente a partir do seu repositório “partner” este software, bastando para tal uma simples configuração das sources.list e o habitual $sudo aptitude update ; $sudo aptitude install alfresco…

Canonical To Offer Alfresco Labs Pre-Packaged Within Ubuntu Distribution | Ubuntu

Linux World EXPO, San Francisco — August 5, 2008 – Alfresco Software, Inc., the leader in open source enterprise content management (ECM), today announced that Canonical, the commercial sponsor of the highly regarded Linux distribution, Ubuntu, will offer Alfresco Labs 3 within a pre-built software download as part of its partner repository. Using the simple apt-get command, end-users can execute a full installation, with all drivers and relevant dependencies pre-packaged. This move provides Alfresco with a new platform from which to reach a rapidly expanding Ubuntu user-base.


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