Ainda a Fundação ou melhor…the Gates PR foundation

Lendo alguns artigos sobre esta suposta fundação, leva-me a crer que esta não passa de uma agência de propaganda e investimento.

Veja-se, são accionistas das maiores empresas de farmacêutica, empresas como a Merck ou a Schering-Plough, “(…) In the first article,
the newspaper notes that the Gates Foundation has invested in companies
like Chevron Corporation, Eni, Exxon Mobil Corporation, Royal Dutch
Shell, and Total—all responsible for gas flares that pollute the Niger
Delta, shooting out chemicals and soot that may be causing the region’s
alarmingly high rates of respiratory diseases, cancer, and blurred
vision and also lowering immunity—while the foundation is making grants
to fight disease in Africa.”

(…)”In the second article, the newspaper notes that Gates is heavily invested in companies that have ties to tobacco, alcohol, and gambling.”

Quando se passa algo mais “estranho”, leia-se, bad PR na microsoft, aparecem logo notícias na imprensa sobre a suposta “benevolência” e “caridade” da fundação Belinda e Bill.
Mas o mais interessante é que também após má publicidade sobre os “feitos” da fundação, eis que estes senhores resolvem mais uma vez usar a propaganda para tentar mostrar que a fundação é uma pessoa de bem.

Com um CV destes, como se pode confiar nestes senhores?

Gates Foundation to reassess investments – Los Angeles Times

Gates Foundation to reassess investments
A decision to review its holdings for their social effects could lead others to rethink their policies.

Se bem me lembro à anos a quando de um investimento da India em GNU/Linux, os senhores da microsoft apressaram-se a fazer um donativo creio que de 10 milhões de dólares para o combate à SIDA, tendo ao mesmo tempo investido 400 milhões num centro microsoft que não mais era que uma resposta ao desenvolvimento do FLOSS na India.

Leaked email exposes MS charity as PR exercise | The Register

Microsoft deliberately set out to use charitable contributions to bolster its image in February this year, according to a leaked internal Microsoft email we have seen. Ann Redmond, Microsoft corporate marketing research group manager, asked David Kaefer, a marketing research manager at Microsoft, to seek expert opinion as to “a preferred set of attributes” to help Microsoft with its image problem. Kaefer emailed ten Microsoft people seeking views as to what “image attributes” should be used for improving the effectiveness of “our branded philanthropic communication efforts” (which means getting the best mileage out of Microsoft’s and Gates’ charitable contributions). It was a most cynical exercise that shows beyond doubt that Microsoft “gives” donations and software to non-profit organisations to get favourable publicity.

Gates foundation under fire from anti-abortionists | The Register

It seems that our article about Microsoft’s and Gates’ charitable activities was a hot button for many people, and there’s more to report on the saga. A focus of the Gates Foundation philanthropy has been population control and planned parenthood, and not surprisingly this has resulted in howls of anger from pro-lifers. It is not our intention to enter this debate, but we would make the point that, surprisingly, this does show that Gates and his wife are following their own inclinations, since Microsoft PR would clearly have liked to steer him away from controversial donations. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America is getting $5 million for its planned parenthood global partners program.

NPR: Articles Question Gates Foundation’s Investments

This week, the Los Angeles Times looked into how the foundation invests some of the billions of dollars that are in the portfolio of the world’s largest charity, and it found a number of instances — perhaps 41 percent of that portfolio — in which the foundation has invested in companies that have policies that actively undermine the social welfare goals of the foundation.

Gates Foundation to reassess investments – Los Angeles Times

Using the most recent data available, The Times found that hundreds of Gates Foundation investments — totaling at least $8.7 billion, or 41% of its assets, not including U.S. and foreign government securities — have been in companies that countered the foundation’s charitable goals or socially concerned philosophy.

Gates Foundation Investments Often Don’t Jibe With Philanthropic Priorities –

The foundation has also invested in companies—including Ameriquest, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Nestle, and Tenet Healthcare Corporation—that have been sued for or are suspected of profiting from illegal practices, such as predatory lending, forced child labor, and medical lapses.

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