Notícias interessantes – Baltasar Garzón quer julgar Bush por Crimes de Guerra (upd)

Algumas notícias interessantes:

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Spanish Judge Calls for Bush to be Tried for War Crimes

Judge Baltasar Garzón, sometimes callled “Super Judge”
sits on Spains second highest criminal court.


Baltasar Garzón, the Spanish judge who sought to prosecute Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet, has called for US President George W. Bush and his allies to be tried for war crimes over Iraq.

Writing in El Pais on the fourth anniversary of the invasion, Garzón stated, “Today, March 20, marks four years since the formal start of the war on Iraq. Instigated by the United States and Great Britain, and supported by Spain among other countries, one of the most sordid and unjustifiable episodes in recent human history began.

“Breaking every international law, and under the pretext of the war against terror, there has taken place since 2003 a devastating attack on the rule of law and against the very essence of the international community. In its path, institutions such as the United Nations were left in tatters, from which it has not yet recovered.” “Instead of commemorating the war,” Garzón continues, “we should be horrified, screaming and demonstrating against the present massacre created as a consequence of that war.”

He then writes that George W. Bush and his allies should eventually face war crimes charges for their actions in Iraq: “We should look more deeply into the possible criminal responsibility of the people who are, orwere, responsible for this war and see whether there is sufficient evidence to make them answer for it.” “For many it would be merely a question of political responsibility, but judicial actions in the US are beginning to emerge, as is the case of the verdict passed on one of vicepresident Cheney’s collaborators, [I. Lewis Libby] which point in a different direction.”

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Are the Bin Laden Tapes Fake?

Kristina Borjesson, BuzzFlash

Late in December 2007, The Associated Press reporter Salah Nasrawi wrote a story about a bin Laden audiotape that had just been released. Headlined “bin Laden Threatens Israel, Warns Iraqis,” Nasrawi’s piece details Osama’s dire threats to expand al Qaeda’s jihad in Israel and to “liberate Palestine, the whole of Palestine from the (Jordan) river to the sea,” threatening “blood for blood, destruction for destruction.”

Then, 11 paragraphs down, Nasrawi writes: “The authenticity of the tape could not be independently confirmed. But the voice resembled that of bin Laden. The tape was posted on an Islamic militant web site where al-Qaeda’s media arm, Al-Sahab, issues the group’s messages.”

If the tape can’t be vetted, it shouldn’t be used. That’s Journalism 101. At the very least, the fact that it can’t be authenticated should be mentioned in the story’s title and continuously mentioned throughout the story as the quotes are being used. Worse, all the mainstream TV outlets picked up on Nasrawi’s story and liberally quoted “bin Laden” without bothering to use the word “purported” or another adjective indicating they had no proof it was bin Laden on the tape. Collectively, what these journalists are doing is worse than outright lying to the public. They are literally helping dangerous people with deadly hidden agendas create a virtual reality by unquestioningly conveying their messages.

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40 Years Since RFK Assassination, Mounting Evidence of CIA Involvement


Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated 40 years ago this month at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Sirhan B. Sirhan, a 24 year old immigrant, is the alleged lone gunman and is presently serving a life sentence.

In a new book, An Open and Shut Case, Dr. Robert Joling and Philip Van Praag have joined a growing list of people who don’t believe that Sirhan acted alone.

Joling and Van Praag, both forensic scientists, claim that after analyzing audio recordings of the assassination they have concluded that at least 13 shots were fired. The handgun Sirhan used only had the capacity to fire eight shots. They believe that there were two guns and that the fatal shot came from behind Robert Kennedy, while witnesses claim that Sirhan was in front of Kennedy. According to a March 27, 2008 ABC report by Pierre Thomas, Joling claims, “It can be established conclusively that Sirhan did not shoot Senator Kennedy. And in fact not only did he not do it, he could not have done it.”

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Navy Releases McCain’s Records

USS Forrestal, July 29, 1967 – The worst accident aboard a US Navy surface vessel since WWII


The Navy released John McCain’s military record after a Freedom of Information Act request from the Associated Press. The record is packed with information on McCain’s medals and commendations but little else. The one thing that the McCain campaign does not want to see released is the record of McCain’s antics on board the USS Forestal in 1967. McCain was personally responsible for the deadliest fire in the history of the US Navy. That catastrophe, with 27 dead and over 100 wounded trumps McCain’s record as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam.

WMR has learned additional details regarding the deadly fire aboard the Navy aircraft carrier, the USS Forrestal, on July 19, 1967 in the Gulf of Tonkin. The additional details point to then-Lt. Commander John McCain playing more of a role in triggering the fire and explosions than previously reported.

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Rice Directed Torture from White House

Condi Rice


In December 2005, Condoleezza Rice testified to Congress “The United States does not permit, tolerate or condone torture under any circumstances.”

But ABC News has now revealed that during 2002 and 2003, Rice led dozens of meetings to discuss specific torture techniques with the National Security Council Principals Committee in the White House Situation Room. The committee included Vice President Dick Cheney and former Bush aides Attorney General John Ashcroft, CIA Director George Tenet, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell. They approved using the “enhanced interrogation techniques” of sleep deprivation, waterboarding, sexual assault, pushing and slapping.

Ventura Breaks Through Mainstream Media Dam With 9/11 Questions

Ventura Breaks Through Mainstream Media Dam With 9/11 Questions
Jesse ‘The Mind’ Defends Questions About Towers’ Telling Collapse on Hannity & Colmes and National Talk Radio Programs: “How can two planes bring down three buildings?”

Aaron Dykes / Jones Report | April 8, 2008

Former Governor Jesse Ventura broke through enemy lines yesterday, exposing major inconsistencies with the official 9/11 story and holding his own against some of mainstream media’s most disingenuous hosts, including Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Opie & Anthony from XM Satellite radio.

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FBI Refuses to Turn Over Documentation
Used to Identify 9/11 Planes

By Matt Sullivan
The FBI claims that federal investigators made no attempt to identify plane wreckage pursuant to the investigation of 9/11. Researcher Aidan Monaghan submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the FBI seeking documents “revealing the process by which wreckage recovered by defendant, from aircraft used during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, was positively identified by defendant . . . as belonging to said aircraft”

In response, Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick A. Rose, representing the FBI, states;. “The identities of the airplanes hijacked in the September 11 attacks was never in question, and, therefore, there were no records generated” pursuant to the identification of the aircraft.

In other words, in the case of the greatest crime in US history, involving the greatest loss of civilian life ever, with nearly 3000 dead, the FBI claims that it made no attempt to formally identify the remains of the murder weapons. This would certainly seem to be a monumental oversight and incompetent blunder if it was true, but the publicly available information suggests that counsel’s statements are false on at least two counts.

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From the Gulf of Tonkin to the Strait of Hormuz

Photos of patrol boats then and now

Matt Sullivan

To anyone old enough to remember the Vietnam War, the similarities between the recent Iranian speedboat encounter and the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident are hard to miss. The Navy claimed, in August 1964, that the destroyer Maddox had come under attack by small North Vietnamese gunboats. This “confrontation” was seized upon by war hawks in the Johnson administration and used as the justification for “The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution”, a dramatic escalation of hostilities in southeast Asia. There’s only one problem with the Tonkin incident­—it never happened.

It’s been suspected for many years that the Tonkin Gulf incident was a fraud, but official acknowledgement has been a long time coming. In October 2005, the New York Times reported that Robert J. Hanyok, a historian for the U.S. National Security Agency, had concluded that the NSA deliberately distorted the intelligence reports that it had passed on to policy-makers regarding the incident. A full report was released in January 2008 by the National Security Agency and published by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS).

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Japanese Diet Debates 9/11Truth

On January 11, extraordinary testimony from Japan’s upper house of legislature (Diet) was transmitted into Japanese homes and offices nationwide. For over 20 minutes, Yukihisa Fujita, an opposition party leader of the upper house and member of the Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee, challenged the Prime Minister and cabinet ministers to justify Japan’s continued participation in the US global war on terror. He questioned the ministers as to what proof, if any, the US has offered as to the facts of 9/11.