A loucura da administração norte-americana espalha-se pelo mundo

Os países pertencentes ao tratado secreto UKUSA, têm destas coisas, seguem à risca a idiotice da administração Norte-Americana, actual e futuras, não haja dúvidas disso, independentemente de quem ganhar as eleições em Novembro.

Desta vez foi na Nova Zelândia, onde pelo menos 18 pessoas foram detidas por terrorismo, por protestarem.

terrorism in new zealand – she.geek.nz

For those readers who are not New Zealanders and haven’t heard what this is about, there’s good background reading here. I don’t want to paraphrase this from a not thoroughly informed standpoint, but a group of largely Māori rights, peace and environmental activists and anarchists are being tried as “terrorists”.

Land of the Long White Lie: The New Zealand Terror Raids | October 15th Solidarity – Remember the state terror raids

The New Zealand Government has signed up for all of Bush’s post-9/11 terrorism requirements. At the same time, it imported the US Government’s brutal tactics of repression, surveillance technologies and police hyper-paranoia about political activity, particularly when it comes from indigenous activists who dare to speak of aspirations of sovereignty.

A ironia, m$ prepara-se para processar empresa Google por bundling

Então e desenvolverem um browser que respeita padrões, não seria boa ideia?

Outra ironia, é que parece que a m$ um dia já teve um projecto para o m$-Iexploder como o nome de Chrome!

Microsoft claims Google is monopoly – The INQUIRER

Microsoft has had a lot of experience in anti-trust cases. It has been taken to the cleaners in anti-trust cases across the world.
Now it seems to think that it can use that same weapon against Google.

Comparando FreeBSD e GNU/Linux, sem mitos e inverdades!

Is FreeBSD a better choice for the desktop? (or dispelling myths) « UNIX Administratosphere

There are some ways that FreeBSD (or better put, BSD) is better than Linux – but the comparisons must be valid and appropriate without myths and falsehoods.

Perhaps the primary myth is that FreeBSD is a complete operating system and Linux is a boat-load of different distributions in all different flavors with different setups and so on. However, FreeBSD also has a large number of alternatives, including OpenBSD, NetBSD, PCBSD, DesktopBSD, PicoBSD, and Dragonfly BSD to name just a few.


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