A loucura da administração norte-americana espalha-se pelo mundo

Os países pertencentes ao tratado secreto UKUSA, têm destas coisas, seguem à risca a idiotice da administração Norte-Americana, actual e futuras, não haja dúvidas disso, independentemente de quem ganhar as eleições em Novembro.

Desta vez foi na Nova Zelândia, onde pelo menos 18 pessoas foram detidas por terrorismo, por protestarem.

terrorism in new zealand – she.geek.nz

For those readers who are not New Zealanders and haven’t heard what this is about, there’s good background reading here. I don’t want to paraphrase this from a not thoroughly informed standpoint, but a group of largely Māori rights, peace and environmental activists and anarchists are being tried as “terrorists”.

Land of the Long White Lie: The New Zealand Terror Raids | October 15th Solidarity – Remember the state terror raids

The New Zealand Government has signed up for all of Bush’s post-9/11 terrorism requirements. At the same time, it imported the US Government’s brutal tactics of repression, surveillance technologies and police hyper-paranoia about political activity, particularly when it comes from indigenous activists who dare to speak of aspirations of sovereignty.


A ironia, m$ prepara-se para processar empresa Google por bundling

Então e desenvolverem um browser que respeita padrões, não seria boa ideia?

Outra ironia, é que parece que a m$ um dia já teve um projecto para o m$-Iexploder como o nome de Chrome!

Microsoft claims Google is monopoly – The INQUIRER

Microsoft has had a lot of experience in anti-trust cases. It has been taken to the cleaners in anti-trust cases across the world.
Now it seems to think that it can use that same weapon against Google.

Comparando FreeBSD e GNU/Linux, sem mitos e inverdades!

Is FreeBSD a better choice for the desktop? (or dispelling myths) « UNIX Administratosphere

There are some ways that FreeBSD (or better put, BSD) is better than Linux – but the comparisons must be valid and appropriate without myths and falsehoods.

Perhaps the primary myth is that FreeBSD is a complete operating system and Linux is a boat-load of different distributions in all different flavors with different setups and so on. However, FreeBSD also has a large number of alternatives, including OpenBSD, NetBSD, PCBSD, DesktopBSD, PicoBSD, and Dragonfly BSD to name just a few.

Como recuperar os dados de um disco que falhou usando FreeSD

The FreeBSD Diary — gmirror – recovering from a failed HDD

Some time ago I added two 120GB HDD to this system. One was SATA, one was PATA. They were joined together via gmirror. Tonight I received some errors that one of the drives was failing. I replaced the drive, and recovered the mirror. I’ll show you what I did, mostly so I know what to do the next time it happens, but also so you can see what to do as well.

The FreeBSD Diary — Adding gmirror to an existing installation

This article describes how I created a RAID-1 cluster on my FreeBSD 7.0-STABLE box using gmirror.

Back in March, I bought an AMD Phenom(tm) and starting putting it together. You can read more about the box and the dual monitor setup here:

* Using two monitors with X.org
* Building an AMD Phenom box

Tecnologia RFID é um buraco negro de insegurança

De acordo com o artigo,RFID leakage is hushed up – claim, a empresa Peratech indica que a tecnologia RFID tem mais buracos que uma peneira.

Mais uma de muitas razões para não aceitar o chipzinho no carro.

Devemos lutar contra os chips e a perda de liberdades e privacidade.

RFID leakage is hushed up – claim – The INQUIRER

The information – garnered from airports – would be sufficient to enable a passport to be cloned, he reckons. But in Taysom’s opinion, the solution is easy. Just install an ultra-thin switch using Peratech’s QTC technology [see earlier INQ story].

Samsung Olympics – mais um mobile a correr GNU/Linux

“Olympics” phone runs Linux

Aimed at the Chinese market and sold under Samsung’s “Anycall” brand, the dual-network CDMA/GSM/GPRS SCH-i858 operates at both 900MHz and 1800MHz. The SCH-i859’s 624MHz Marvell Monahan-L PXA300 is accompanied by 128MB ROM and 64MB SDRAM, and the touchscreen offers 65K colors and 320 x 240 resolution, says Samsung. Additional features include a 3-megapixel camera, USB, Bluetooth, and a MicroSD slot.

Apple is no better than micro$oft

Digamos que são farinha do mesmo saco, com a diferença que o saco da Apple é mais sexy!

Tomorrow’s War: Why FOSS Needs to Change its Views of Apple

Another reason that the FOSS community doesn’t scrutinize Apple the way it needs to is that many of us are still operating on assumptions that no longer apply. Despite the dramatic reversal in Apple’s fortunes in the last decades, many of us are still thinking about Apple as though we were still waiting for the millennium.

The same is true of perceptions of Microsoft, of course. But, in Microsoft’s case, the failure to update perceptions matters less. While Microsoft is no longer denouncing FOSS as anti-American or communism, its basic wish to neutralize or assimilate the movement shows no more than token signs of changing. Only the tactics have changed, from denunciations to sponsoring and participation at FOSS conferences.

Tomorrow’s War: Why FOSS Needs to Change its Views of Apple

Yet, while possibly less given to dirty tricks and fast practices than Microsoft, it has shown itself just as monopolistic and unfriendly to FOSS.

Tomorrow’s War: Why FOSS Needs to Change its Views of Apple

Mobile devices are clearly one of the Next Big Things in computing. That’s why desktops like KDE are paying increasing attention to porting their work so that it will run on as many platforms as possible. And, while the mobile market is still rapidly changing, Apple seems to be emerging as one of its leaders. If this trend continues, then, by clinging to old attitudes and focusing on Microsoft, the FOSS community is preparing for the last campaign and ignoring the one that is coming in the next few years.