NSA usa telemóveis para recolher informações sobre localização em tempo real

Estará a NSA usando buracos na lei, a recolher informações em tempo real das localizações de milhões de utilizadores de telemóveis?

Afinal de contas já há muito que espiam os cidadãos Norte-Americanos, e não só, usando as instalações e os equipamentos da telecom AT&T.

São estas as “democracias” que temos no Século XXI

Exclusive: Widespread cell phone location snooping by NSA? | Surveillance State – CNET News

While these household names of the telecom industry almost certainly helped the government to illegally snoop on their customers, statements by a number of legal experts suggest that collaboration with the NSA may run far deeper into the wireless phone industry. With over 3,000 wireless companies operating in the United States, the majority of industry-aided snooping likely occurs under the radar, with the dirty-work being handled by companies that most consumers have never heard of.

Exclusive: Widespread cell phone location snooping by NSA? | Surveillance State – CNET News

With the passage of laws like the FISA Amendments Act and the USA Patriot Act, in most cases, requests for customer information come with a gag order, forbidding the companies from notifying the public, or the end users whose calling information is being snooped upon. Gidari summed it up this way:

So any entity–from tower provider, to a third-party spam filter, to WAP gateway operator to billing to call center customer service–can get legal process and be compelled to assist in silence. They likely don’t volunteer because of reputation and contractual obligations, but they won’t resist either.

A empresa de TI do governo Brasileiro «SERPRO» escolhe Debian GNU/Linux

O Serviço Federal de Processamento de Dados «SERPRO» a empresa de TI detida pelo governo Brasileiro, escolheu a distro Debian GNU/Linux para as centenas de servidores que usa.

O interessante para além deste enorme uso de servidores correndo Debian é a existência de clausulas para concursos, que requerem compatibilidade com a Debian GNU/Linux.

As diversas razões da escolha, foram, indepedência do fornecedor, flexibilidade, agilidade e a participaçao directa em soluções técnicas com a comunidade Debian.

Brazilian government owned IT enterprise SERPRO selects Debian GNU/Linux for its servers and wishes to collaborate

The Servico Federal de Processamento de Dados (SERPRO), (a US$ 1 billion annual revenue Brazilian government owned IT enterprise), announced during the Debian Day Brasil 2008 Porto Alegre that it has selected Debian GNU/Linux as the preferred distribution for its hundreds of GNU/Linux development and production servers. Future SERPRO tenders and public hearings will include clauses requiring Debian GNU/Linux compatibility.
Recent SERPRO tenders have already encouraged participation by small FLOSS regional companies, as well as Debian support services.

The SERPRO board decided that Debian GNU/Linux is more suitable for its new corporate goals. SERPRO has decided to increase supplier independence, flexibility, agility, and participation in technical solutions by direct interaction with the Debian Project community. This is the first time that a federal government institution of this size has reached out to the Debian Project community for a closer relationship. The Debian Project will keep its institutional partners collaboration channel available for other government agencies who want to consider a similar relationship.

Vestir a camisola GNU/Linux

Linux ofrece sin lugar a dudas una imagen actual y fresca
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