Beautiful Women – Elisha Cuthbert

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Elisha Ann Cuthbert (born November 30, 1982) is a Canadian actress. Cuthbert is known as the former co-host of the Canadian children’s television series Popular Mechanics for Kids, and for her role as Kim Bauer in the American action-thriller television series 24. She had her first lead role in the 2003 feature film, Old School followed by The Girl Next Door. She has also had starring roles in the 2005 House of Wax film and the 2007 horror film Captivity.

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19 Respostas

  1. Sou um fã desta senhora.

  2. 😉 já somos dois bruno, 😉

  3. she is the most beautiful girl i hav ever seen.

  4. hi i love so much

  5. Thanks for being soooo Incredibly beautiful

  6. you are so beautiful that i can say,you are the most beautiful creature in the whole universe.

  7. I absolutely love her in “The Girl Next Door”

    She is beautiful. A great person

  8. she is a beautiful and sexy !

  9. Oh, i’m inlove with your beautiful face and sweetest smile i’ve ever seen. Your a goddesh.

  10. I love her beauti….I really great fan of her. I wish i could meet her and spent some hours with her……and she become my friend…I know it is not possible but i wish and prat to god…..SHE IS TOO SWEET AND HER BEAUTI IS APPRICIATBLE

  11. i found that Elisha did her best in the movie the girl next door. the way she was complete express herself as a role of porn star was ossum.

  12. damn beautiful girl…!!!
    will u please marry me…

  13. hi , she’s so beautiful and sexy ……….ohh man i really like that she become my friend …..and i spend some hours with her…
    she’s so hot !!!!!
    ohhhh my god !!!



    You are a flower in full bloom. It is a blessing that I, in your audience, can have the opportunity to see you as that flower. I find you quite attractive, a date with you I would surely accept; but I am sure the line for you among men that I would stand in would be so long I would never get the chance to meet you and kiss you. So, the next best thing would I suppose would be to watch more of you in Hollywood; and that I would still enjoy. (ie. the show “24”)

    Northridge, CA

  16. Nah… I’ve seen better.

  17. que linda y sexy es uffffff

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