Quem é o maior geek de todos os tempos?


O site itnews tem uma lista dos 10 maiores geekes de todos os tempos.

Concordo e conheço ou já li algo sobre toda a gente desta lista, embora não concorde com os lugares atribuídos a alguns deles bem como creio que poderiam ter sido acrescentados mais alguns.

O interessante da lista é que nem o sr da empresa condenada, Bill Gates, nem o sr da Apple lá aparecem, Steve Jobs.

No entanto Steve Wozniak e Paull Allen estão lá.

Em primeiro aparece o nosso ditador benevolente, mas sinceramente apesar de dever constar nesta lista não creio que estivesse em 1º lugar, e os criadores do Unix e da linguagem C?

E vocês concordam com a lista? Quem acrescentariam e como a ordenavam?

Ainda sobre o tema, aqui na linuxinsider.

The top 10 greatest geeks of all time – Software – iTnews Australia

1: Linus Torvalds

Shaun Nichols: It’s one thing to write a complete computer program. It takes an entirely different level of geekdom to write a computer operating system. Compound that with the fact that said operating system is a re-write of the most successful network operating environment of all time, and then – as the icing on the cake – giving the code away to the rest of the world for free and you’ll start to understand why Linus Torvalds earned the number one spot.

One story jokingly tossed around is that Torvalds wrote all of the code for the Linux kernel on the back of a shovel over the course of one cold Finish winter. The reality is only slightly less amazing: the 21 year-old student wrote the first versions of his Unix clone in his spare time as a way to connect with servers at the University of Helsinki in 1991.

Over the next seventeen years, Linux developed into one of the most popular operating systems in the world, both for enterprise server and client computing. Many people interact with Linux machines on a daily basis without even knowing it.

Perhaps even more important, Linux provided the spark which ignited the developing open-source software movement, which has now redefined the idea of distribution and arguably helped form the basis of collaborative principles on the web which would later become social networking and hosted collaboration tools.

Though Linux now has thousands of developers, Torvalds remains its ultimate guardian, keeping in the direction of the kernel’s development. He remains revered in nearly every circle of the computing world, from servers to clients to IT infrastructure and management, Linus Torvalds reigns supreme in today’s order of geeks.

Iain Thomson: In many years of travelling to Finland I have come to love the place, and Torvalds exemplifies why. It’s a nation of bloody minded individuals who recognise that while this is good up to a point then working together is also essential.

Coupled with this there is a distain for the material lifestyle in that great country. Had Torvalds been raised in America he might very well be a billionaire but instead he lives modestly and takes his wealth in knowing he has changed the computing landscape for ever.

Torvalds was always going to be in our top three but for consistent and long term brilliance we decided he had to get the top spot. We have yet to see the full effect of Torvalds’ invention on the computing sphere but it’s going to be fun watching it develop.

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