History Commons Projects – update de Novembro

History Commons Projects, Update on November 26, 2008

The Loss of Civil Liberties Timeline has added a specific category
dealing with the Main Core database, said to contain a list of enemies
of the state, and its connection to the legendary PROMIS application.
New entries here begin to detail the history of PROMIS.

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The Decision to Invade Iraq Timeline has additional entries
highlighting, for example, that there was a direct flow of information
from the Iraqi National Congress to Vice President Cheney. In addition,
a proposal for a book by a renegade Iraqi nuclear scientist showing
that Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons program had “fizzled” got nowhere
in 1998, although the scientist then reversed himself and wrote a
published book saying the program was ongoing two years later.

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New entries to the 9/11 Timeline point out that an air traffic
controller at an aviation unit near the Pentagon saw two unidentified
aircraft on radar around the time the Pentagon was hit, and that a
homeland security announcement was timed to coincide with Congressional
testimony by FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley.

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On the Contributors Blog you can also find a discussion of the 9/11
Commission’s claim that two of the hijackers applied for US visas
before being allocated to the 9/11 operation: the claim is fourth hand,
based on a statement made by a tortured detainee and contradicted by
other evidence.

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In the Detainee Abuse Timeline, Vice President Cheney says terror suspects “don’t deserve” to be treated like prisoners of war.

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The A. Q. Khan Timeline points out that both Israel and the US were
aware of Khan’s dealings with North Korea by the mid-90s, but the US
did not want to take any action.

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Finally, in the Neoconservative Influence Timeline, Richard Perle says, “You’re next.”

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