Do Mito à Realidade dos atentados de 11Set2001

Em 2006 o teólogo David Ray Griffin, um dos principais investigadores e críticos da versão oficial difundida pela Administração Bush/Chenney e pelos media acríticos, escreveu um interessante artigo que coloca a nú muitas contradições bem como ideias feitas e que não correspondem à verdade dos factos que ocorreram a 11Set2001 nos EUA.

Este artigo serve apenas de entrada para os três livros onde desmonta a falta de credibilidade da versão dita oficial.

Outras entradas sobre David Ray Griffin neste blog

The Myth and the Reality 

DAVID RAY GRIFFIN (Authorized Version) 30mar2006

Notes:  This lecture was delivered March 30, 2006, to a sell-out crowd of over 800 people at Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California for Progressive Democrats of the East Bay. Over 100 people were unable to enter because the seating capacity had been reached. Abbreviated versions of it were given in San Francisco for the Democratic World Federalists on April 2 and the Commonwealth Club on April 3.

Download MP3 file of lecture as broadcast by KMUD that evening 
runtime: 01:07:27   32Kbps mp3 (15.44MB) Mono
Who is David Ray Griffin? 
[More on David Ray Griffin | 9/11 ]

9/11: The Myth and the Reality DAVID RAY GRIFFIN (Authorized Version) 30mar2006

Although I am a philosopher of religion and theologian, I have spent most of my time during the past three years on 9/11—studying it, writing about it, and speaking about it. In this lecture, I will try to make clear why I believe this issue worthy of so much time and energy. I will do this in terms of the distinction between myth and reality.

I am here using the term “myth” in two senses. In one sense, a myth is an idea that, while widely believed, is false, failing to correspond with reality.

In a deeper sense, which is employed by students of religion, a myth serves as an orienting and mobilizing story for a people, a story that reminds them who they are and why they do what they do. When a story is called as a myth in this sense—which we can call Myth with a capital M—the focus is not on the story’s relation to reality but on its function. This orienting and mobilizing function is possible, moreover, only because Myths with a capital M have religious overtones. Such a Myth is a Sacred Story.

However, although to note that a story functions as a Myth in the religious sense is not necessarily to deny its truth, a story cannot function as a Sacred Myth within a community or nation unless it is believed to be true. In most cases, moreover, the truth of the Myth is taken on faith. It is not a matter of debate. If some people have the bad taste to question the truth of the Sacred Story, the keepers of the faith do not enter into debate with them. Rather, they ignore them or denounce them as blasphemers.

According to the official story about 9/11, America, because of its goodness, was attacked by fanatical Arab Muslims who hate our freedoms. This story has functioned as a Sacred Myth for the United States since that fateful day. And this function appears to have been carefully orchestrated.

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