Últimas do Projecto History Commons

History Commons Projects, Update on January 8, 2009

Commons needs donations to keep coming. We want to offer more
mini-grants in the future and undertake other projects to expand our
services; all of those plans need your generosity to come to fruition.
Donations of all amounts are welcome. Thank you.
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once in a while, we receive a response to our email newsletter
expressing frustration at what the writer perceives as our position on
an issue. To be clear: These newsletters are summaries of what
contributors have submitted to the History Commons database during the
last 7 days. The History Commons does not produce the content,
contributors do. The History Commons project — i.e. the website that
allows anyone to document events online — does not take positions on
any issues. Our concern is limited exclusively to providing a space for
people to write history and providing occasional support to
contributors through the awarding of mini-grants.


have added new material in the Decision to Invade Iraq Timeline about
Colin Powell’s famous UN presentation (which his former chief of staff
called “a hoax on the American people”), Vice President Cheney implying
Iraq was behind 9/11, and the hiring of the PR company behind the false
“babies from incubators” story planted during the Gulf War.
Read more

to the Domestic Propaganda project cover John Kerry’s alleged
endorsement by foreign leaders in 2004, a reality TV series about US
troops fighting in Afghanistan, and a GAO report that said the
administration’s policies to Arabs and Muslims were failing. In
addition, Rush Limbaugh has “final confirmation” of the media’s alleged
liberal bias.
Read more

to the US International Relations project focus on arms control talks
during the Ford, Carter, and Reagan administrations.
Read more

Contributors have created a new timeline to deal with the recent attacks in Mumbai.
Read more

a contributor to the Detainee Abuse Timeline points out that the State
Department was sidelined when the administration decided to ignore the
Geneva Convention.
Read more

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