Tudo sobre as novidades do Kernel Linux

Nesta página encontram-se as novidades das mudanças que ocorrem no kernel Linux a cada nova versão.

Por exemplo as últimas informações referem-se à versão Linux 2.6.28 de Dezembro de 2008.

LinuxChanges – Linux Kernel Newbies

List of the major changes done to each Linux kernel release. Other places to get news about the Linux kernel are LWN kernel status, LWN list of API changes in 2.6, or www.lkml.org. List of changes of older releases can be found at Linux26Changes. If you’re going to add something here look first at LinuxChangesRules!

Discuss the latest Linux kernel changes on the Kernelnewbies web forum.

Linux 2.6.28 kernel released on 25 December, 2008.

Summary: Linux 2.6.28 adds the first version of Ext4 as a stable filesystem, the much-expected GPU memory manager which will be the foundation of a renewed graphic stack, support for Ultra Wide Band (Wireless USB, UWB-IP), memory management scalability and performance improvements, a boot tracer, disk shock protection, the phonet network protocol, support of SSD discard requests, transparent proxy support, several new network drivers, controlable IO CPU affinity, high-resolution poll()/select(), support of a minimal “dummy” policy in SELinux, tracing improvements, x86 x2APIC support, a fb driver for VIA UniChrome devices, Mitac Mio A701 ARM-based smartphone support, some new drivers, improved device support, and many other small improvements and fixes.

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