History Commons – Novas de Fevereiro 2009

History Commons Projects, Update on February 18, 2009

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This week a contributor to the US International Relations Timeline covers the revision of history regarding Ronald Reagan and what he did in the Cold War, Iran’s cancellation of its nuclear weapons program for the first time–in 1979–and George W. Bush’s loathing for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, as well as much more about US-North Korean relations.
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In the 9/11 Timeline, a Spanish judge names a British intelligence informer as “the spiritual head of the mujaheddin in Europe,” and Attorney General John Ashcroft tries to cut the FBI’s counterterrorism funding just before 9/11.
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In the Detainee Abuse Timeline a former Gitmo detainee returns to the fight by writing an op-ed in the well-known jihadi publication the New York Times, and former Bush administration aparatchik John Yoo demands the US keeps on torturing people.
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A contributor to the Loss of Civil Liberties Timeline covers a recent order for the release of presidential papers and a congressional hearing at which David Addington treated lawmakers to his gentle wit.
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A contributor to the Domestic Propaganda Timeline highlights former President Bush’s “lapdogs” press conference, where the questions were pre-arranged before the Iraq War.
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Finally, in the Iraq Invasion Timeline, conservative commentator George Will impressively compares opponents of the war to Nazi collaborators and Bolsheviks and Vietnam protesters and Richard Milhous Nixon.
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