Mainline kernel builds do Ubuntu e benchmark a uns quantos

Para testar e até para construir a partir daí!

Aqui estão eles:)

Já agora aqui ficam alguns benchmarks para todos os gostos e de diversas versões do Kernel Linux através do site Phoronix

The mainline kernels are packaged for each stable release (and stable release update) as well as the current -rc releases. They are available as .deb files for easy installation. Keep in mind that even though they are built using the Ubuntu kernel config files, they do not contain any Ubuntu specific drivers. Also, there are no restricted modules for these kernels.They are strictly the vanilla mainline kernel source. That being said, the Ubuntu kernel team does not support these kernels so use at your own risk.

[via Ubuntu Kernel Team]

KernelMainlineBuilds – Ubuntu Wiki

* KernelMainlineBuilds

Generally Ubuntu systems run with the stock Ubuntu kernels. However it is handy to be able to test with unmodified mainline kernels to help locate problems in the Ubuntu kernel patches, or to confirm that upstream has fixed the issue. To this end we now offer mainline kernel builds. These mainline kernels are made from unmodified kernel source but using the Ubuntu kernel configuration files. These are then packaged as Ubuntu .deb files for simple installation.

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