Para mais tarde recordar: As duas caras da microsoft, FAT e TomTom

Uma entrada apenas com quatro links que desmontam e demonstram as duas caras da microsoft e a sua falta de escrúpulos no caso TomTom como noutros, que mostram que esta empresa continua a ser a mesma de sempre, falsa, manipuladora e que usa todos os meios legais e não legais para conseguir os seus objectivos e o seu monopólio de maneira a controlar clientes e concorrentes, incluindo governos de países supostamente Soberanos.

Bruce Perens: Microsoft and TomTom Settle, Justice and Linux Lose

And so, you should be wary of FAT, Office Open XML, .NET (including Mono), Silverlight, and of Microsoft’s participation in standards committees that don’t have a clear royalty-free committment, or, as is the case for Office Open XML, when the royalty-free committment is less than complete. These technologies leave the door open for submarine patents to sink your business.

Bruce Perens: Microsoft and TomTom Settle, Justice and Linux Lose

There’s no “new face of Microsoft.” It’s the same old company.

Is Linux ready to go to FAT camp?

The Linux Foundation (LF) announced that it will help companies excise the Microsoft FAT filesystem from their systems to avoid the fate of TomTom, which recently settled with Microsoft over alleged patent infringements over FAT. Meanwhile, other open-source leaders are suggesting a standardized FAT substitute may be in the offing.

OIN: TomTom settlement is no win for Microsoft, expect challenge | Open Source |

He said Microsoft’s effort to build a series of tiny “totem” patent cases to create fear, uncertainty and doubt about using Linux is futile.

He intimated that there will be a “response” from the community over the next few weeks but would not specify what that would be. Another effort to get the FAT patent invalidated? Who knows. “It’s Newton’s law. For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction,” he said in a telephone interview Tuesday.

Microsoft suit “provocative,” legal eagle says

Microsoft recently lost a case in Germany involving its two Joliet patents. However, to Bergelt’s knowledge, Microsoft has not recently been asserting its wear-leveling patent. OIN is fairly aware of what Bergelt called Microsoft’s “daily, covert” patent assertions, thanks to its “Linux Defenders 911” program offering legal referrals to open source users.

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