“History Commons Projects” – Novas do projecto 13-05-2009

History Commons, ou Cooperative Research – uma excelente
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History Commons Projects, Update on May 13, 2009

The History Commons needs funding to continue its operations, including maintaining and updating the site, and undertaking new projects.
Everything we do depends on our generous readers. You can donate by credit card, PayPal, or check. Please donate today. Thank you.

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This week’s most active project was the 9/11 Timeline, where most of the entries focus on the 9/11 Commission. Its executive director Philip Zelikow
spoke repeatedly to White House advisor Karl Rove and understated the amount of contacts with him to a reporter. He was also interviewed by his own staff about his role in counterterrorism before 9/11 and then recused from part of the investigation.

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In the War in Afghanistan Timeline, a contributor covers US soldiers spreading Christianity, and recent advice from Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal and former National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft that the Obama administration negotiate with the Taliban.

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The Loss of Civil Liberties Timeline has more about the recent scandal concerning Jane Harman, Alberto Gonzales and AIPAC.

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A contributor to the A. Q. Khan nuclear supermarket timeline continues toadd entries about activities of Khan’s associates in Britain.

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There are also a number of new entries in the Struggle for Kosovar Albanian Self-Determination Timeline, covering events in the late 19th and early20th century.

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Finally, in the Domestic Propaganda Timeline we learn that there are “seventeen socialists” in Congress, according to Republican Congressman Spencer Bachus.

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