Actualização do projecto History Commons – 20/05/2009


History Commons, ou Cooperative Research – uma excelente

ferramenta online para jornalistas de investigação

History Commons Projects, Update on May 20, 2009

The History Commons needs funding to continue its operations, including maintaining and updating the site, and undertaking new projects.
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The Loss of Civil Liberties Timeline has new entries about the roots of the modern US state, including President Theodore Roosevelt sowing the
“seeds of the Imperial Presidency” at the start of the last century. It also covers Franklin D. Roosevelt’s increase in the size of the government during the depression over the Supreme Court’s opposition, and his later violation of the Neutrality Acts at the start of the Second World War.

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The Detainee Abuse Timeline has new entries about the recently disclosed Red Cross report on torture and a really interesting 1943 memo about
the respectful interrogation techniques the US used in World War II.

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In the International Relations Timeline a contributor points out that former President George Bush banned officials from discussing negotiations with North Korea.
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A contributor to the Kosovar Albanian Self-Determination Timeline has added entries about the Italian invasion of Albania in 1939.
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Finally, the Domestic Propaganda Timeline has a new entry about the recent tea parties organised by Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works.
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