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History Commons Projects, Update on July 9, 2008

The History Commons is working towards a total transformation: History Commons 2.0. To that end, the Commons has moved completely away from the old Cooperative Research moniker. The URL is now “” Your bookmarks will still work, with the old “” URL redirecting to the new address–but go ahead and bookmark the new URL. Big changes are in the offing: a complete site redesign, reader interactivity, blogs, and more. We’d love to hear your suggestions on making the site more useful.

Transformations are very expensive, and we are very strapped for money. The History Commons needs your donations! You can donate by PayPal, check, or credit card. Go here to support the Commons:
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Also, we’re still in the running for an Ideablob grant. If you haven’t already voted for us, you can do so here:

You’ll have to register first, but it’s very simple and non-intrusive (you don’t have to give them your address and such). The two minutes you spend registering and voting for us could help us tremendously. Thanks!


Lots of new material is now available about the relationship between the Taliban, al-Qaeda and Pakistan, in particular its ISI intelligence service. It includes, for example, President Bush’s support for a deal between the Pakistani government and militants in the tribal areas, where al-Qaeda and the Taliban regrouped after the US invasion of Afghanistan, and an admission by DNI John Negroponte that al-Qaeda had a “secure hide-out” in Pakistan.
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One of the newest projects, the investigation into neoconservative influence on US policy, features an analysis of the 1970s “Team B” experiment, and Richard Pipes’s opinion on the unimportance of getting facts right.
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The Watergate project has also been very active. It features new entries about White House lawyer John Dean’s role in the cover-up and the investigation, Nixon’s attempts to block the probe, and his “enemies list.”
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The False Flag Attacks project includes new information about the bomb planted by Russian security services in Ryazan.
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The Detainee Abuse investigation features more information about enemy combatants, CIA director George Tenet’s denial that the CIA ever tortured detainees, and US Naval “prison ships” and the “ghost detainees” they house.
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We need your contributions, your participation, and your support. We appreciate all that you do for the Commons.


History Commons Team

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