History Commons: actualização dos projectos / Julho 2009

History Commons, ou Cooperative Research – uma excelente

ferramenta online para jornalistas de investigação

Raising Funds for History Commons 2.0
We appreciate your contributions.

Over the next few months, the History Commons will begin working towards making some dramatic upgrades in the website, including revamping the web application, and adding much more content and information. These changes will, we trust, make the History Commons a much more effective resource for you and your fellow users. While you may not see the results of these changes for some time, they will, when finished, completely transform the site to make it far more usable and comprehensive. To help move this process forward, we need your financial support like never before. We accept donations through PayPal, credit cards, and personal checks. We sincerely appreciate all you do to make the History Commons a viable resource for information and citizen activism.

Please make your tax-deductible donation today.

New Material Posted in 11 Projects!
Dozens of new entries.

This has been a busy week at the History Commons. Lots of material has been posted on a variety of subjects. The grant recipients have gotten their sea legs and are pushing material through on a regular basis.

2008-2009 Economic Crisis
Stimulus package, AIG bailout.

In the 2008-2009 Economic Crisis project, contributor 99PercentPure covers continued fallout from the recent stimulus package, the creation of the various Maiden Lane entities for the AIG bailout, and predictions of future job losses. Read more.

9/11 Project
Abu Hamza and Richard Clarke.

In the 9/11 project, contributor KJF posts material about accused terrorist Abu Hamza and the White House’s reaction to criticism from former counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke. Read more.

Domestic Propaganda
Sotomayor nomination.

In the Domestic Propaganda project, contributor blackmax continues covering the reactions to the Sotomayor Supreme Court nomination,
including more accusations of racism, a retreat from such invective by some of her opponents, and criticisms of the racial attacks from
Presidents Obama and G.H.W. Bush.
Read more.

Iraq Occupation
Bernard Kerik; cost of withdrawal.

In the Iraq Occupation project, blackmax documents the short career of Bernard Kerik as Iraq’s chief police officer in 2003, and documents GAO predictions of the high cost of withdrawing US troops. Read more.

Kosovar Albanian Self-Determination
Rise of Marshal Tito.

In the Kosovar Albanian Self-Determination project, contributor Michael Pollock has taken us up to 1942, with the advent of Marshal Tito
promising freedom for native Albanians.
Read more.

Loss of Civil Liberties
Torture justifications; Expanding Executive Power; Inslaw and PROMIS

In the Loss of Civil Liberties project, contributors KJF and blackmax have posted material on several areas, including the Bush Justice
Department authorizations and justifications of torture, the attempts by several presidents to extend the power of the executive branch, and the court battles surrounding Inslaw and PROMIS.
Read more.

Neoliberalism and Globalization
UNESCO Global Diversity.

In the Neoliberalism and Globalization project, contributor riverledger covers the UNESCO Cultural Diversity convention and its adoption by
most UN members.
Read more.

Prisoner Abuse
Mohammed Jawad and Darrel Vandeveld.

In the Prisoner Abuse project, contributor blackmax covers the case of teenaged Guantanamo detainee Mohammed Jawad and prosecutor Darrel Vandeveld, who resigned in protest over Jawad’s treatment. Max is working on much more information for this project. Read more.

US Health Care
Murder of George Tiller.

In the US Health Care project, contributor Karen Wehrstein continues to round out coverage of the murder of abortion provider George Tiller,
and covers the 1966 adoption of universal health care in Canada
. Read more.

War in Afghanistan
Tillman’s Death; US Battles Taliban.

In the War in Afghanistan project, contributor VPresley has posted a number of entries on the death of Army Ranger Pat Tillman by friendly
fire, and the Pentagon’s cover-up of the circumstances surrounding his death. Rye has posted several entries about the US’s current actions
against Taliban and drug-running forces.
Read more.

History Commons Blogs

The History Commons has lively discussions among contributors and users at the History Commons Groups Blog. News and information for the site can be found at the History Commons Site Blog. Join the discussion!

Thanks for reading. To our US friends, we hope your 4th of July weekend was a good one. For our Spanish friends, be careful during the Running of the

“For serious research, it’s hard to think of a more valuable resource than the timelines assembled by History Commons.” — Craig Unger, author of House of Bush, House of Saud and The Fall of the House of Bush


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