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New Material Posted in 7 Projects
Dozens of new entries.
This has been another busy week at the History Commons. Lots of material has been posted on a variety of subjects.

2008-2009 Economic Crisis
AIG collapse, bank rescues.
In the 2008-2009 Economic Crisis project, contributors KJF and 99PercentPure document the fall of AIG and several Obama administration attempts to resuscitate the failing banking industry. Read more.

9/11 Project
Events of the day of 9/11, Abu Hamza.
In the 9/11 project, KJF documents more information about accused terrorist Abu Hamza, Newmex writes of the discovery of pyrotechnic material in WTC debris, and Matt adds more entries about the responses by various military air bases on the day of September 11. Read more.

Kosovar Albanian Self-Determination
Communists gathering power.
In the Kosovar Albanian Self-Determination project, contributor Michael Pollock documents the years 1943-1945, with Communists under Marshal Tito beginning to gather power. Read more.

Loss of Civil Liberties
Continuity of Government, executive branch power.
In the Loss of Civil Liberties project, contributor PDevlinBuckley is chronicling the US government’s secret Continuity of Government initiative, including the involvement of FEMA. And blackmax documents numerous efforts by the Bush-Cheney administration to gather ever more power to the executive branch. Read more.

Prisoner Abuse
“Salt Pit,” Jose Padilla, and Abu Zubaida.
In the Prisoner Abuse project, blackmax is gearing up for a large amount of material. Current postings include an entry on Afghanistan’s “Salt Pit” detention facility, the early activities of Jose Padilla, and President Bush’s boastfulness about the capture of Abu Zubaida. Read more.

US Electoral Politics
“Jim Crow” in Georgia.
In the US Electoral Politics project, blackmax writes about the 2005 effort by the Justice Department to institute “Jim Crow”-style restrictions on voting in Georgia. Read more.

War in Afghanistan
Tillman’s Death.
In the War in Afghanistan project, contributor VPresley continues to cover the death of Pat Tillman and the cover-up of the circumstances surrounding his death. Rye is preparing to post more entries about the resurgence of the Taliban. Read more.

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Thanks for reading. Therapeutic Recreation Week is coming up in the US. Mid-July is the Festival of Souls for our Shintoist friends. And the world celebrates July 18 as Nelson Mandela’s birthday. See you next week!

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