Um dos dois médicos no Congresso dos EUA fala sobre a gripe suína

Ron Paul on swine flu hysteria

Ron Paul is one of the only doctors in Congress and he’s not buying the swine flu hysteria.

He’s also raising the issue the US news media won’t:

“Why is the Department of Homeland Security getting involved in a simple public health matter? Since when is a quasi-military organization needed to deal with the flu?”

What’s the next step in our de-volution? Homeland Security showing up at your door when you scrape your knee to make sure you’ve applied the approved anti-septic and band aid?

For people younger than ten years old (chronologically or mentally), believe it or not, we used to deal with seasonal flus without making it a national security issue.

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  1. Talvez seja agora que vamos ter a lei marcial, a que era para ter sido em 21 de Janeiro de 2009.
    Não se esqueçam desta data.

  2. Ainda está.

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