Iraque: O mito da retirada das tropas dos EUA

Como hoje se vai assistir a muita desinformação, aqui ficam alguns dados relativos à suposta retirada do Iraque das tropas dos EUA.

Yes we can….

Sim nós podemos continuar a mentir com a maior das facilidades porque os cidadãos estão completamente adormecidos e enganados pelos nossos papagaios amestrados, os media mainstream!

Este é apenas mais um dos muitos exemplos da mudança que nunca foi nem nunca o será!

Pensemos no seguinte, algum país que gasta biliões a criar uma embaixada gigantesca e inúmeras bases num país que para além da riqueza petrolífera que detém é ainda estrategicamente central para o seu domínio imperial, alguma vez pensará em abandonar tudo isso?

Nada mais digo, creio que os dados a seguir falam por si!

via Spiegel

O novo Saddam de Baghdad – A política Imperialista dos EUA

The US isn’t leaving Iraq, it’s rebranding the occupation | Seumas Milne | Comment is free | The Guardian

could be further from the truth. The US isn’t withdrawing from Iraq at
all – it’s rebranding the occupation.
Just as George Bush’s war on
terror was retitled “overseas contingency operations” when Obama became
president, US “combat operations” will be rebadged from next month as
“stability operations”.

But as Major General Stephen Lanza, the
US military spokesman in Iraq, told the New York Times: “In practical
terms, nothing will change”
. After this month’s withdrawal, there will
still be 50,000 US troops in 94 military bases,
“advising” and training
the Iraqi army, “providing security” and carrying out
“counter-terrorism” missions
. In US military speak, that covers pretty
well everything they might want to do.

The US now wants to expand their numbers sharply in what Jeremy Scahill,
who helped expose the role of the notorious US security firm
Blackwater, calls the
“coming surge” of contractors in Iraq. Hillary Clinton wants to increase the number of military contractors working for the state department alone from 2,700 to 7,000, to be based in five “enduring presence posts” across Iraq.

List of United States Army installations in Iraq

The US Armed Forces has many military bases in Iraq:

U.S. Embassy, Baghdad – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A new embassy, which has been referred to as Fortress America[8], opened in January 2009 in the Green Zone in Baghdad.[2] The embassy complex comprises 21 buildings on a 104 acre (42 ha) site, making it the largest and most expensive U.S. embassy in the world.[9]

It is located along the Tigris river, west of the Arbataash Tamuz bridge, and facing Al Kindi street to the north. The embassy is a permanent structure which has provided a new base for the 5,500 Americans currently living and working in Baghdad. During construction, the US government kept many aspects of the project under wraps, with many details released only in a U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee report.[9] Apart from the 1,000 regular employees, up to 3,000 additional staff members have been hired, including security personnel.

United States military in Iraq – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The United States military has played a major role in the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the subsequent Iraq War. Its missions and activities there have brought a range of new challenges, and various impacts on military personnel, equipment and procedures. United States land forces in Iraq are represented by all service branches, and also include Joint command organisations.

US Military Bases in Iraq

zFact:$1 Billion for military construction For 2005 and 2006, Washington has authorized or proposed almost $1 billion for US military construction in Iraq, as American forces consolidate at Balad, known as Anaconda, and a handful of other installations, big bases under the old regime.

zFact:Asad Base is 19 square miles, has two bus routes, a car dealership, a Burger King, a Pizza Hut, traffic rules and stop signs. The proposed 2006 supplemental budget for Iraq operations would provide $7.4 million to extend the no man’s land and build new security fencing. 3/26/06 Boston Globe

zFact:The U.S. has 14 “enduring bases” in Iraq
“As it is now called, Camp Maerz is one of fourteen “enduring bases” in Iraq, and includes “satellite television and Internet cafes. The facility’s dining hall is the size of an airport hangar.” from The Army Lawyer (PDF), August 2005.

zFact:The U.S. military has more than $1.2 billion in projects either underway or planned in the Central Command region — an expansion plan that U.S. commanders say is necessary both to sustain operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and to provide for a long-term presence in the area. Washington Post

zFact:And then there is the new embassy A new U.S. embassy will cost between $600 million and $1 billion. It is to arise in Baghdad’s Green Zone on a plot of land along the Tigris River that is reportedly two-thirds the area of the National Mall in Washington, DC. The plans for this “embassy” are almost mythic in nature. A high-tech complex, it is to have “15ft blast walls and ground-to-air missiles” for protection as well as bunkers to guard against air attacks. 

Iraq Facilities

In January 2005 it was reported that the Pentagon was building a permanent military communications system in Iraq. The new Central Iraq Microwave System, is to consist of up to 12 communications towers throughout Iraq, along with fiber-optic cables connecting Camp Victory to other coalition bases in the country.

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  1. Só imbecis poderiam imaginar que o Pentágono tenciona sair do Iraque.

  2. Justiça diz que fundador do WikiLeaks afinal não é procurado por violação
    A justiça sueca anulou a ordem de procura que visava o fundador do ‘site’ WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, depois de ter anunciado hoje que este era procurado por acusação de violação, informou o Ministério Público

    «A procuradora Eva Finné decidiu que Julian Assange não é suspeito de violação», referiu o Ministério Público no seu ‘site’ na Internet.

    Antes, um porta-voz da instituição tinha indicado de Assange era procurado por ter sido acusado de violação, enquanto a imprensa sueca falava também numa acusação de agressão.


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