Interessante artigo sobre o vicio dos utilizadores de m$-windows

How to Quit Windows and cope with Windows Withdrawal Syndrome
Written by Dr. Saleem Khan

So Windows Addiction is an unperceived phenomenon which has gotten a hold of us,
and we get upset when we don’t do Windows anymore.

But what is the Windows Addiction? I think there is no proper working definition for it
as yet but I feel it is an obsessive compulsive use of the Windows Operating System
despite the fact the we don’t want to use it anymore and we feel miserable using it
but we can’t stop using it due to various fears, false beliefs and myths.

Now what is so bad about Microsoft Windows and if one is hooked on using them in an
obsessively compulsive manor?

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Em que plataformas correm 9 dos grandes web sites

Por vezes as pessoas especialmente as que ligam pouco ou quase nada à informática e que a usam quase por obrigação, não tem consciência que existe “vida” para além da microsoft e do ms-windows.

os grandes sites da web não usam produtos da microsoft, casos como o maior motor de busca, google, que quase toda a gente usa e que corre sobre GNU/Linux, bem como a Amazon ou mesmo o Yahoo que correm quer GNU/Linux quer FreeBSD.

Royal Pingdom » What nine of the world’s largest websites are running on

What nine of the world’s largest websites are running on
August 22, 2007

Have you ever wondered what technology some of the really big websites use? The likes of Digg, YouTube, Myspace and so on?

There is a very interesting website called High Scalability that is dedicated to, as they put it themselves, “building bigger, faster, more reliable websites.”

High Scalability


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Uma bela foto da Sharon

Sharon den Adel