GNU/Linux usa menos energia do que o m$-window$ 2008 no mesmo hardware

Segundo um estudo divulgado no site NetworkWorld, testes independentes revelam que a distro Red Hat, gasta menos 12% de recursos energéticos que o m$-window$ 2008, em hardware idêntico.

O GNU/Linux, na sua variante Red Hat é o mais “verde”, ou seja o mais amigo do ambiente, dos Sistemas Operativos em causa.

Linux captures the ‘green’ flag, beats Windows 2008 power-saving measures – Network World

For this test, we examined power consumption as a way to judge whether Windows Server 2008 or Linux is, in fact, the ‘greener’ operating system. As the price of power hits record heights, power reduction mechanisms shipping within an operating system should play a key role in you energy conservation plan.

Our tests point to Linux as the winner of the green flag by margins that topped out at 12%. But we must note that our results are full of stipulations imposed by our test bed, and as the more truthful car advertisements might warn — your wattage may vary.