Líbia: Primeira medida dos revoltosos…criar Banco Central! Como é que é? WTF???

Há semanas atrás na entrada Água, petróleo e sol explicam ataque à soberania da Líbia, escrevi sobre algumas das razões pelas quais a corja do costume (leia-se NATO / elite globalista) volta a invadir um país soberano, sem que este tivesse atacado qualquer um dos países que o estão a bombardear.

É certo que este tem à frente um DITADOR, mas também não é menos verdade que a corja (especialmente a francesa, que agora o traiu e conspirou contra ele) sempre o apoiou, vendeu-lhe armas e ainda passou bons momentos na sua companhia.

Aliás, parece que os fantoches, idiotas úteis/inúteis da Europa, gostam imenso de passar férias pagas por ditadores.

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A razão desta entrada é complementar a anterior com informação ainda mais interessante.

Qual acham que foi a primeira grande medida que os terroristas líbios da Al-Qaeda (ou melhor, revolucionários, no palavreado NATO, já havia sido assim nos Balcãs) tomaram?
Por certo que não vos passará pela cabeça…. (presumo que passe uma vez que devem ter lido o título desta entrada) 😉

Clinton admits the U.S government created and funded the terrorists which they are fighting today

Para estes senhores tão aborrecidos pela forma autoritária como o líder líbio governa o país, a primeira medida a ser tomada é….pasme-se, a criação de um novo Banco central.

Qualquer coisa não bate certo….

Ou se calhar até bate, mas não é para o povo líbio, mas sim para a escumalha da Nova (Des)Ordem Mundial, para a elite banqueira que destrói o planeta.

Eu desconhecia, mas depois de ler estes dois excelentes artigos que me levaram a escrever esta curta entrada, fiquei a saber que o Banco central da Líbia (pelo menos enquanto Gaddafi estiver no poder) é totalmente controlado pelo Estado/país e não pela corja banqueira, é aliás um dos raríssimos casos a nível mundial.

Percebe-se agora que a escumalha não quer apenas ficar com as riquezas do país ao nível do sub-solo mas quer também dar uma lição a quem ousa ir contra a sua hegemonia bancária, uma lição aos actuais ou potenciais ditadores que a coloquem em causa.

“Libyan Rebels” Create Central Bank, Oil Company

As analysts debate possible motives behind President Obama’s United Nations-backed military intervention in Libya, one angle that has received attention in recent days is the rebels’ seemingly odd decision to establish a new central bank to replace dictator Muammar Gadhafi’s state-owned monetary authoritypossibly the first time in history that revolutionaries have taken time out from an ongoing life-and-death battle to create such an institution, according to observers.

In a statement released last week, the rebels reported on the results of a meeting held on March 19. Among other things, the supposed rag-tag revolutionaries announced the “[d]esignation of the Central Bank of Benghazi as a monetary authority competent in monetary policies in Libya and appointment of a Governor to the Central Bank of Libya, with a temporary headquarters in Benghazi.”

The Gadhafi regime’s central bank — unlike the U.S. Federal Reserve, which is owned by private shareholders — was among the few central banks in the world that was entirely state-owned. At the moment, it is unclear exactly who owns the rebel’s central bank or how it will be governed.
But the creation of a new central bank, even more so than the new national oil regime, left analysts scratching their heads. “I have never before heard of a central bank being created in just a matter of weeks out of a popular uprising,” noted Robert Wenzel in an analysis for the Economic Policy Journal. “This suggests we have a bit more than a rag tag bunch of rebels running around and that there are some pretty sophisticated influences.”

Wow That Was Fast! Libyan Rebels Have Already Established A New Central Bank Of Libya

The rebels in Libya are in the middle of a life or death civil war and Moammar Gadhafi is still in power and yet somehow the Libyan rebels have had enough time to establish a new Central Bank of Libya and form a new national oil company. Perhaps when this conflict is over those rebels can become time management consultants. They sure do get a lot done. What a skilled bunch of rebels – they can fight a war during the day and draw up a new central bank and a new national oil company at night without any outside help whatsoever. If only the rest of us were so versatile! But isn’t forming a central bank something that could be done after the civil war is over? According to Bloomberg, the Transitional National Council has “designated the Central Bank of Benghazi as a monetary authority competent in monetary policies in Libya and the appointment of a governor to the Central Bank of Libya, with a temporary headquarters in Benghazi.” Apparently someone felt that it was very important to get pesky matters such as control of the banks and control of the money supply out of the way even before a new government is formed.

Since the old Central Bank of Libya was state owned, it was essentially under the control of Moammar Gadhafi.

But now that Libya is going to be “free”, the new Central Bank of Libya will be run by Libyans and solely for the benefit of Libyans, right?

Of course it is probably safe to assume that will be the case with the new national oil company as well, isn’t it?

Over the past couple of years, Moammar Gadhafi had threatened to nationalize the oil industry in Libya and kick western oil companies out of the country, but now that Libya will be “free” the people of Libya will be able to work hand in hand with “big oil” and this will create a better Libya for everyone.


Of course oil had absolutely nothing to do with why the U.S. “inva—” (scratch that) “initiated a kinetic humanitarian liberty action” in Libya.

» West vs. China: A New Cold War Begins On Libyan Soil Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

The question as to why US-led NATO forces are determined to engineer a regime change in Libya is now becoming clear. Whilst media pundits and political experts still argue over whether the Libyan rebel gangs are actually being backed and directed by US, UK and Israel intelligence agencies, broader long-range Western policy objectives for Libya are being completely ignored.

One only has to read the strategic briefings in U.S. AFRICOM documents to realise the true endgame in Libya: the control of valuable resources and the eviction of China from North Africa.

UN, Obama Fighting Alongside Al-Qaeda in Libya

The Obama administration’s UN-backed military intervention against Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi is aiding al-Qaeda, which, according to media reports citing high-level commanders in the terror group and Libyan rebel leaders, is deeply tied to the revolution. When the dust settles, the anti-American Islamic extremists could easily emerge as the new rulers of that nation, or at least a part of it. And al-Qaeda is already reportedly grabbing up advanced military weaponry there.

Ironically, perhaps, Gadhafi has been claiming for weeks that al-Qaeda and drug use were responsible for the uprisings. “Bin Laden … this is the enemy who is manipulating people,” he told state television in late February. “Do not be swayed by bin Laden.”
The Daily Telegraph, in an article entitled “Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links,” quoted al-Hasidi as saying that his warriors “are patriots and good Muslims, not terrorists.” He also praised al-Qaeda, saying they are “good Muslims … fighting against the invader.” According to U.S. and British government sources cited by the paper, al-Hasidi is part of the al-Qaeda-linked Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). The organization represents the second largest contingent of foreign fighters in Iraq battling coalition forces. A study by the U.S. military concluded that the Libyan group had an “increasingly cooperative relationship with al-Qaeda.” In 2007, that “culminated in the LIFG officially joining al-Qaeda.” Al-Qaeda, it should be noted, said earlier this month that the Libyan rebellion would lead to imposition of “the stage of Islam” there

» Lukashenko: Globalists Are Preparing To Strangle Belarus Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko warned today that the globalists were preparing to strangle his country because of its refusal to join the new world order, with Belarus set to become the latest target of the contrived “Arab Spring” riots as the NATO powers further encircle Russia and China.

“Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Thursday Western countries are preparing direct interference in his country’s affairs and are trying “to strangle the country with a slipknot,” reports RIA Novosti.

Just like Colonel Gaddafi and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Alexander
Lukashenko is an autocrat who rules his country with an iron fist, but
because he refuses to play ball with the globalists, Belarus has now
become the next target of the manufactured global uprising, with
US-trained militants waiting in the wings to overthrow Lukashenko and
hand the country over to the NATO powers who are busy swallowing up
nations as part of their long term agenda to isolate Russia and China.

Belarus is in the cross hairs because of its repeated refusal to join NATO, leading globalists at the recent Globsec 2011 conference to declare the country a threat to the EU and NATO.
Of course, the tiny Russian satellite state poses no military threat
whatsoever, but the notion that any sovereign country would have the
gall to want to run its own affairs without being dictated to by global
government is intolerable in the eyes of the new world order kingpins.

That’s why Lukashenko and Belarus were listed by the infamous Freedom House in an article entitled “Who’s Next?” that was published in the Council on Foreign Relation’s Foreign Policy magazine back in February.

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