Afinal qual será a percentagem de utilizadores de GNU/Linux? 11%? 4%?

Esta é a resposta que o artigo, Linux’s Market Share: Is There Any Way To Know?, tenta dar, recorrendo a diversas fontes, desde a empresa Canonical (Ubuntu), passando pela Gartner e a Context.

Mas existem projectos que tentam obter essa informação o mais credível possível, desde o Linux Counter ao Open Source Census.

Linux News from Linux Loop » Blog Archive » Linux’s Market Share: Is There Any Way To Know?

Canonical is claiming that 11% of businesses use Ubuntu. (If that is the case, just imagine how many use Red Hat or Suse.) Gartner says that Linux’s market share is 4%, putting it about even with the Mac. And Context says that almost 3% of PCs sold in the UK have Linux pre-installed.


Polaco recupera o imposto micro$oft da sua compra, mais uma derrota da Lenovo

Aqui fica a história contada na primeira pessoa, Piotr Karczemski.

Alguns pontos interessantes da sua longa batalha,não quero imposto m$ » How to get a refund for Windows in Poland?

In the meantime, I contacted Microsoft once again, with a (supposedly) tricky question, if the breach of the OEM Manufacturers License (especially the point where the manufacturer is required to comply with the EULA) by Lenovo, does invalidate their agreement and thus renders all the software they’re selling – illegal. My letter was subject to analyse by Microsoft’s lawyers for over 6 weeks, and I bet they had some trouble with it. » How to get a refund for Windows in Poland?

All the process took 10 months, some noticeable amount of photocopying, 52 emails and a few postage stamps, but turned out to be satisfactory 🙂 » How to get a refund for Windows in Poland?

Summarizing, I give you a few useful tips for these, who decide to return the Microsoft Windows for a refund:

* It is rather not useful to phone the manufacturer, the retailer or Microsoft – would cost you money and nerves – write emails rather.
* You might shoot a photo documentation of declining the license, but that is not required.
* The most important letters to the manufacturer or the retailer are best to be sent with Recorded Delivery, return receipt is recommended too.
* If the licensing sticker is made of paper, it could be damaged very quickly (I recommend to photocopy it and not keep the laptop on your knees in the mean time).
* If you’re asked to return the licensing sticker, do not rip it off yourself (it is protected) – let the retailer do it.
* The Office of Fair Trading and Consumer Protection isn’t going to help much.
* Have patience, more patience and lots of patience

Como fazer fácilmente o download de sites com videos embutidos, tal como youtube, vimeo etc

Usando o Mozilla Firefox é fácil fazer o download deste tipo de videos, basta para tal instalar a extensão GreaseMonkey e depois instalar um dos muitos scripts que estão no site, o meu favorito é o Tube Downloader.

Exitem carradas destes scripts para todos os gostos.

Outra maneira mais trabalhosa, implica o copy paste do link, é usar o Keepvid.

Tube Downloader –

Tube Downloader

Adds a button to download any tube on Youtube, Google! Video, Dailymotion, Veoh, Yahoo! Video and much more

Greasemonkey :: Firefox Add-ons

Allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript. …


About Greasemonkey

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows you to customize the way webpages look and function.

Hundreds of scripts are already available for free. And if you’re the tinkerer sort, you can also write your own.

Download Greasemonkey
Find user scripts
Learn to write user scripts

Terrorismo de Estado nos EUA (11Set2001 e Oklahoma) e na Rússia (Bombas em apartamentos)

A propósito da entrada “Pouca gente se recordou de Anna Politkovskaia” do blog do jornalista José Milhazes, sobre essa grande jornalista que faria ontem anos se não tivesse sido assassinada por dizer uams quantas verdades, deixo aqui dois documentários que aconselho a serem vistos.

oklahoma alex – Google Video

* Overview of the OKC Bombing case created by State Representative Charles Key. * Takes a look at major issues regarding the cover up by the FBI and Justice Department. * Including: Eyewitnesses, Other Bombs found and Prior Knowledge. [atf, fbi, cia]

“Assassination of Russia” False flag Govenment sponsored terrorism Russian style

Russian FSB are caught planting bombs in buildings to blame on the Chechens. A French Docu…all » Russian FSB are caught planting bombs in buildings to blame on the Chechens. A French Documentary Alleges Kremlin Involvement in Russia’s 1999 Apartment Bombings BY YURI ZARAKHOVICH/MOSCOW Friday, Apr. 19, 2002. Most Russians are unlikely to see The Attempt on Russia, a French documentary shot with the help of tycoon Boris Berezovsky, now self-exiled to London. The film alleges involvement of Russian secret services in the Moscow and the Volgodonsk apartment bombings in the fall of1999. The terrorist attacks claimed 247 lives and paved the way for a new Chechen war that helped install Vladimir Putin as Russian President. While denying the claim, the Kremlin made sure that Russian TV would not show the footage, screened by human rights groups to limited audiences. Still, such allegations have been the talk of the country ever since the tragedy. This week, VTSIOM (the Public Opinion Studies Center) released its polls on public reaction to them. The results show that 38% of those polled firmly deny that Russian secret servihuch an involvement should not be ruled out; and 19% are undecided. The polls hardly bode well for Putin.

10 passos para o fascismo em versão vídeo

Collateral 55-10 steps to fascism

Collateral 55-10 steps to fascism

Lenovo sem m$-vi$ta implica assinar NDA

A Lenovo pretendia obrigar um utilizador a assinar um NDA uma vez que este não queria o m$-vi$ta e pretendia ser ressarcido do valor de €78, este recusou-se e resolveu escrever a sua saga.

Mais um excelente exemplo para quem vai adquirir um novo portátil ou outro computador, o cliente deve ter a opção de escolha, ainda para mais quando a própria licença micro$oft o permite como é lógico.

[reparei agora quando ia colocar aqui o link do, que já lá estava a notícia]

Lenovo imposes gag for Vista refund – The INQUIRER

A CZECH PUNTER who bought a Lenovo PC didn’t want the preloaded copy of Windows Vista, but Lenovo demanded that he sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before he could receive a refund.

A propósito da nova piada da micro$oft sobre combate à cópia pirata – bill gates dixit

A propósito desta piada contada pela Agência Financeira, o combate à pirataria por parte da micro$oft, relembro as palavras de Bill Gates à Fortune, relativamente à estratégia da micro$oft no que concerne à pirataria:

How Microsoft conquered China – July 23, 2007

“It’s easier for our software to compete with Linux when there’s piracy than when there’s not,” Gates says.