O que a HP afirma sobre as supostas vendas do m$-window$-vista

Unwanted licences boost Vista numbers – The INQUIRER

“From the 30th of June, we have no longer been able to ship a PC with an XP licence,” said Jane Bradburn, a marketing manager for HP Australia. “However, what we have been able to do with Microsoft is ship PCs with a Vista Business licence but with XP pre-loaded. That is still the majority of business computers we are selling today.”

Unwanted licences boost Vista numbers – The INQUIRER

“Looking into the crystal ball, I don’t think businesses will see much value in upgrading to Vista until late next year, and even so, Microsoft will probably have come out with something else by then,” said Rob Kingston, a group manager for HP Australia marketing.

Boycott Novell » Lies, Damn Lies, and Windows Vista

One of the first publicity gigs, which many publications just parrot free of charge, is some fluffy project called “Mojave”. We won’t describe here as that would only mean more publicity to it. However, it seems to be backfiring. Firstly, as explained in Microsoft Watch:

Nem a INTEL quer usar o m$-window$ vi$ta

Algo vai mal no reino wintel, se dúvidas existissem quanto à fraca qualidade do novo produto de Redmond, a Intel dissipa-as.

Após diversas vezes ter afirmado que só após a saída do SP1 para o m$-window$ vi$ta é que pensaria em usá-lo, agora a Intel indica que não está a pensar usar esta “coisa”, para enorme felicidade, presumo, dos cerca de 80.000 empregados.

Só alguns departamentos é que poderão vir a utilizar “The Thing”, provávelmente digo eu, os departamentos que precisam de desenvolver drivers para a “coisa”.

Ainda para mais quando a Intel cada vez tem mais abertura quanto a drivers FLOSS dos seus produtos, bem como a aposta com a windriver no projecto Moblin.

Moblin.org – Mobile Linux Internet Project

The computing hardware is based on Intel® Atom™ Processor Technology, which requires software optimized for low power, low footprint, high performance, wireless, and graphics to deliver a full Internet experience. The Moblin Core Linux Stack, an integrated open source software stack serves as a starting point for developing applications for these devices.